Zvi Kelman
Biochemistry and molecular interaction; biochemical characterization of DNA replication; DNA replication in Archaea



Harold Schreier
web site
Microbial molecular genetics and physiology; nitrogen metabolism in Bacillus subtilis; control of glutamine synthease operon expression; regulation of gene expression

Kevin R. Sowers
web site
Biology of methanogenesis; anaerobic bioremediation; regulatory pathways in methanogenic Archaea; bioprocess scale-up of microorganisms from extreme environments

Yonathan Zohar
web site
Fish physiology, aquaculture and endocrinology; environmental and hormonal regulation of fish reproductive cycles, spawning induction technologies, drug delivery in aquaculture, molecular biotechnology




Shiladitya DasSarma
web site
Halophilic archaeal genomics; structure, function and evolution of genomes; global gene regulation and promoter function; biotechnological applications in medicine and industry

Shao-Jun (Jim) Du
web site
Cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling differentiation of muscle and nerve cells during embryogenesis

Frank T. Robb
web site
Archaeal molecular biology and biochemistry; genome sequence, structure and repair in hyperthermophiles; mechanisms of thermal stabilization of proteins

Gerardo R. Vasta
web site
Molecular aspects and evolution of the acute phase response in vertebrates and invertebrates; structure/function relationships in carbohydrate-binding proteins; role of lectins in development and internal defense; host/parasite interactions; disease prevention, control in fisheries




Feng Chen
web site
Ecological interaction among marine viruses, bacteria and phytoplankton; phylogenetic diversity and molecular evolution of marine microbes; whole cell or in situ molecular detection; functional genes and microbial genome

J. Sook Chung
web site
Response of crustaceans to the neurotransmitter, neurohormones and pheromones that regulate critical events in the life cycle

Russell T. Hill
web site
Marine actinomycete molecular biology and ecology; microbiology of marine natural products; bacterial and cyanobacterial symbionts of marine sponges; marine bacteriophages; metal resistance in actinomycetes and application of bioremediation

Rosemary Jagus
web site
Translational control of gene expression; regulation of gene activity during early development; host defense against virus infection and viral countermeasures; role of protein synthesis in lactation

Yantao Li
web site
Pathways for and regulation of lipid synthesis and accumulation in microalgae; strategies for manipulation microalgae for biofuel production and environmental remediation

Allen Place
web site
Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms that permit organisms to adapt to unique diets, environments, and interactions (symbiosis); molecular basis of sex determination

Eric Schott
web site
Molecular detection of pathogens of marine and estuarine animals, and working with fishermen and resource managers to make molecular tools widely useful; molecular characterization of blue crab pathogens, viruses in the blue crab; detection and investigation of protozoan pathogens of blue crab; discovery and genomic characterization of RNA viruses of the blue crab; development of tools for identifying and monitoring blue crab pathogens in aquaculture and in the environment