Each University of Maryland campus has several MEES Graduate Teaching Assistantships. In addition, any financial aid available to graduate students on the University of Maryland campuses is available to MEES students on a competitive basis. This includes Maryland Fellowships, Graduate School Fellowships, UMCES Fellowships, and other race Grants available through the Graduate Schools. Information on these award programs is given in the application booklet, which includes the forms necessary to apply for admission as well as financial aid application forms.

Teaching Assistantships may also be available through funds provided by academic departments. Research Assistantships are available through contracts and grants to faculty sponsored by outside agencies and through research funds allocated to specific research laboratories. The student's advisor will take particular responsibility to assist in identifying these sources of financial aid for the student.

Students frequently find part-time employment and graduate research assistanships in offices and laboratories in the Baltimore, Washington, Annapolis area and other parts of the state. The MEES Office is often in a position to assist students in locating part-time employment.