Hongsheng Bi
web site
Ocean-climate variability and ecosystem response; zooplankton community and population dynamics; application of satellite techniques in marine fisheries

Paulinus Chigbu
web site
Fisheries ecology; influence of variations in climatic factors on water quality and biota; culture of rotifers and copepods for use in rearing marine fish larvae; trophic dynamics in marine and freshwater environments; zooplankton ecology

Shao-Jun (Jim) Du
web site
Cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling differentiation of muscle and nerve cells during embryogenesis

Reginal M. Harrell (currently not taking on students)
web site
Environmental and bioethics; conservation and restoration ecology; breeding genetics and hybridization; stress physiology of vertebrates

Robert H. Hilderbrand
web site
Ecology and conservation biology of running waters; watershed and stream habitat restoration; linking landscapes and populations

Edward D. Houde
web site
Fisheries science and management; recruitment mechanisms; effects of environment on reproductive success of fishes; ecology of marine and estuarine fishes, especially early-life stages

Andrea Karen Johnson
web site
Assessing the health of Atlantic menhaden using several biomarkers of fish health: indicators of tissue damage, nutritional status and exposure to environmental stresors, immune function and disease

Victor S. Kennedy (No Longer Accepting New Students) 
web site
Reproduction and larval behavior and ecology of bivalves; crab and fish foraging behavior; ecology and dynamics of littoral and sublittoral benthic communities; global climate change

Andrew M. Lazur
web site
Food and baitfish culture; integration of aquaculture with agriculture for nutrient reduction; effluent and water quality management; marketing and economic evaluation of alternative aquaculture species; fish restoration

Eric B. May
web site
Effects of environmental contamination and habitat degradation on aquatic animal health; use of biochemical and metabolic indicators to determine the response of fish to injurious agents of conditions; establishment of clinical methods for non-lethal testing

Donald Meritt
web site
Oyster aquaculture and restoration

Thomas Miller
web site
Recruitment and population dynamics of aquatic animals; fish early life history; feeding and bio-physical interactions; aquatic ecology; blue crabs

Elizabeth North
web site
Biological-physical interactions: hydrodynamic and particle trajectory modeling, ichthyoplankton and zooplankton ecology, estuarine physical oceanography, fisheries recruitement variability

Kennedy Paynter
web site
Comparative biochemistry and physiology of estuarine animals, especially bivalves; oyster disease biochemistry; biology and ecology of the eastern oyster

Louis V. Plough
web site
Population genetics of marine animals, quantitative genetics and experimental breeding of shellfish; oyster biology and aquaculture; ecological genomics of stress adaptation in marine animals; larval biology of marine invertebrates

David Secor
web site
Fish ecology; fish life history and migration studies; fisheries stock enhancement; migration and habitat use as behaviors controlling and regulating population dynamics

Bradley G. Stevens
web site
Fisheries ecology; reproduction and early life history of crustaceans and mollusks; crustacean growth, molting, and feeding; use of in-situ technology (video, ROVs, submersibles) for studying abundance and behavior of marine species; bycatch, discard mortality, and impacts of derelict fishing gear

Michael Wilberg
web site
Stock assessment; dynamics of exploited populations; harvest policy development and application; statistical model selection and averaging

L. Curry Woods III
web site
Aquaculture; evaluation of fish gamete quality; cryopreservation of fish sperm; physiological responsiveness of fish to stress; selective breeding of striped bass. 

Yonathan Zohar
web site
Fish physiology, aquaculture and endocrinology; environmental and hormonal regulation of fish reproductive cycles, spawning induction technologies, drug delivery in aquaculture, molecular biotechnology