Here you will find some useful information for College Park matriculating students only. You will find all of your grad school and MEES program links on this new site, along with much more. This website will be maintained by MEES students, not the MEES Program administration.CLICK HERE to access the new site. 

Graduate School Info and Resources:

UMCP Graduate School (admissions, forms, info)
Graduate Catalog
Online Disseration Submission
Thesis and Dissertation Style Guide
Deadlines for Graduate Students

Graduate Student Forms:

Petition for Residency Classification Form
Approved Program Form for MS Degree
Nomination of Thesis or Dissertation Committee
Application for Graduation
Petition for Regulation Waiver Form
Request for Time Extension
Request for Transfer or Inclusion of Credit for the Master's Degree
Application for Admission to Candidacy

Records and Registration:

Change of Address
Schedule of Classes
Department of Parking