Environment and Society  

In this foundation, students will obtain foundational knowledge of core theories and methods in the following domains of integrated social and environmental sciences: Coupled natural and human systems, cultural models of the environment, political ecology, participation and governance, ecological economics, and environmental ethics.  Students will develop scholarship and practice in social science aspects of couples natural human systems that includes critical thinking, written and verbal communication, and practice in interdisciplinary fieldwork to hone skills in data collection and analysis, consensus building, and stakeholder analysis. 


  1. Two Introductory Science courses
  2. Two Advanced Science courses
  3. Two Quantitative courses 
  4. Two Foundation relevant courses

Courses & Other Requirements (M.S. & Ph.D) 

  1. Foundational Course: MEES 620 – Coupled Human & Natural Systems 
  2.  One 2-3 credit course in Ethics/Responsible Conduct of Research
  3. Two 3-4 credit courses in two of the three Professional Development distribution areas   
    • Applied Environmental Sciences
    • Scientific Communication
    • Environmental Statistics
  4. One seminar for each year in residence of the program (up to 4)
  5. Elective courses approved by the student's advisory committee including at least one 700 level course. 

Faculty Listing 

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Approved course listing

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